As said in our first segment, we describe games no matter the genre, and all of the games we play and review in these segments are all different. Our segments air every Tuesday, and the videos are anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute and a half.  On this page, you can find our segments in order from oldest to newest, a list of what the weeks segment was, and our scorpion tv email. We also have a bit of self information if thats something your interested in.  :)  

 If you have a game that is school appropriate email us you can find it if you scroll down a bit 

About daviana

Hello! I'm Daviana (last name Brown), grade 8, 13 years of age. I'll be honest, I'm not to into games but I thought that doing these segments would be fun regardless. 

My favorite colors are green and purple, but I love all colors! Not that you need to know that but I don't think it matters, you really don't need to know any of this. Some of my favorite things are my bed, my pet Mushu, chicken, and soft things. 

Just too inform, I prefer orange juice over apple juice, drinks over food, candy over sweet pastries, and pillows over stuffed animals.  However I will gladly take any stuffed animals.

About Naomi

Hey I'm Naomi ( LeBeau )  i'm 13 and also in 8th grade.  Unlike Daviana, I actually like playing these games and that is what makes me enjoy these segments.

  Some things I like are Minecraft, Youtube,  watermelon, turtles, and dogs. My favorite color is blue. The only animal I despise are giant ant eaters ,it is important you all know how bad and disgusting  giant ant eaters are.

Fun fact I have the same stuffed animal that I had when I was 2 his name is Berry he is a bear and I got him from Knott's Berry Farm.